Immigration to Canada. How to understand it?

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lets touch base on the question which is always always asked how does the immigration approach differ yesterday and today virtually what has actually changed with the introduction of express entry system because this misunderstanding sometimes creates havoc in the heads of lots and lots of applicants so to put it very simple let me just create an analogy and you have yesterday when you were applying for they say federal skilled worker.

 immigration or whatever program it was you knew for sure how your immigration pathway would look like so say you’re starting today at Point a and you are getting back to point Z and that point is pretty straight forward for you right so you know which documents to prepare and you know how it will all work with the introduction of express entry system Canada is trying to select the best of the best creme de la creme if you put it this way and what we’re trying to do is to make sure that the applicants we attract from around the world are those really worth it so instead of applying for just one single program you are applying or you’re making a contract with your legal representative for immigration intention what it means it means that simply you would be applying for express entry for the federal skilled worker but after that after that application you would have a multiple of choices and that number of choices which would may or may not open for you would have to sit and wait for them as soon as they appear .

we will have that jump start when you’re just the gates are opening and Iran out for that I got a pretty interesting analogy from one of my colleagues he actually compared the system to an airport so say 10 20 years ago when you’re coming to an airport you got the line you got the gate number you got the Airlines number you’re coming to them you pass the security check and you get straight to your gate so right now what happens you’re coming to the airport you pass the security and afterwards you have to wait for a gauge you have to patient

Look at the displays and checking the gate number which could change in a second right you have to wait sometimes for a call of your name to get onboard of the airplane so pretty much the same happens with the immigration program so the first stage would probably be for you say federal skilled worker program but afterwards the second step you would have to see it and patiently wait for that step whether it would be the program Manitoba whether it would be a program of Saskatchewan British Columbia and here etc etc../

 the thing is those programs are quite dynamical right so today they’re open tomorrow they close and then they’re open again and maybe you would have to participate in an external session with the visa officers it all takes patience and that is why that immigration if you put it in simple terms from immigration under one program transforms into immigration on intention or expression of immigration.

on interest where you’re actually applying for one single program and then wait and for those additional score to get under the provincial nomination sounds a little bit complicated totally understand it one evaluate your chances come to us we’ll be able to discuss it one on one how you and your family could do that stay tuned with us

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